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All my products are made with top shelf organic essential/ carrier oils. I try to source as many local Canadian made wild crafted products as possible. The price will reflect , as I am also using quality BPA /lead free bottles. They help preserve and protect the delicate essential oil blends. 


A Little Back Story: Over 15 years ago I started creating my spray blends. I use fresh water from the side of a mountain stream that I personally gather. Set the water out for a full moon charging cycle ( 3 days) I add high vibration crystals to my water & do a blessing. My experiment blew my mind! I have people I gifted my cleansing sprays to and  found out to my total surprise a few people still have some left ! When I asked why, the answers were all the same. It was a limited batch and loved them so much they used them sparingly. Flash forward years later, they still were as fresh as when I first made them! This is a process I use when creating all my healing products to this day.

I was experimenting with Dr. Emotos water crystal theory  (click for article)

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