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"Nyx" (click for more)

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ShoSugi Ban Driftwood


Sho Sugi Ban Driftwood
Beach find :
Starfish, Oyster Shell, Beach Rocks ,Bone , Railway Spike, Metal , Cosmic Glitter, Gold,Silver,Copper Leaf, Moss, Hidden Moonstone

This piece made me think of the Goddess Nyx. She is part of the Greek pantheon of God's and Goddess's. There isn't very much on her but the more research I did the more I realized all throughout history there were common traits amongst them all . In every culture around the world .
She bears very strong resemblance to Lillith another primordial goddess .
Who is also shared characteristics to Innana, Aphrodite, Isis, Quan Yin and yes even Mother Mary ( although alot of her gospels have been "misplaced".

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