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"Moon Priestess"

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Driftwood- Sho Sugi Ban

"Moon Priestess"
I was out walking on the beach and trying to find my creative spark again after not feeling any inspiration for a very long time.
I ran into a gentleman on the beach who was telling me about some of the wood pieces he was creating.
I felt really hopeful and inspired to keep pushing forward on my visions, even if I wasn't feeling it at the time.
Right after we had that talk I found this amazing piece of driftwood .
I loved the shape and contours. As I worked on it, I saw the moon shaped face appear. It reminded me of the Shinto Temples where they honor the moon priestess. I love the ceremony and story behind ancient ceremonial practices from many cultures.

Mediums :
yakisugi ( shosugiban )driftwood
Natural stain,metals,leather

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