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Common Threads

Updated: 2 days ago

I've been slowly working on my weaving projects.. tonight I was reflecting on the symbolism of weaving. How I had to practice patience. I was so annoyed that my first 2 piece's weren't art gallery worthy 🙄 I eyeball roll myself ! Then I had to take a step back and reflect.

What is my motivation?

Why am I emotionally invested in this whole process??

Is that my annoying loud mouth ego yapping at me again!

So ..I had to pause my art and do a few "walk abouts" and some sick days bedridden. ( i have fibromyaliga) Always gives me a chance to do some deep reflections.. I have come to love hate those times.

Anyways...moral to the story here .. I realized that as I was reflecting of all the people I've met , places I've been and amazing (and not so much) people I've encountered... The common thread throughout all my experiences...was what brought everyone together that has vastly different cultures, religions, beliefs, lifestyles ect... Was family.. and the love of family. Some blood some not .. that has always been a constant thread no matter where life has taken me .

We all may have different beliefs, upbringings, cultures ect.. but there is always common threads that bonds us all together.✨

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