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We don't always attract what we are... its what we need

The idea that we are attracting people that are only a mirror of our unhealed self is another shame tactic in a lot of spiritual circles. That isn't always the case . Being mindful of where and how much we invest our time and energy that works for us individually is key. It's the same as money currency. You wouldn't invest in a stock that you know won't yield any returns. The same goes for all relationships. There has to be a balance of energetic exchange. Whatever that means to you .

That will be dependent on your love language as that is your currency.

There are always lessons & a bigger picture reason why we meet people (reasons,season,lifetime)

Besides how boring would it be if we only met exact mirrors of ourselves. There would be no expansion of the mind or growth.

I do agree that when we are in a damaged state we are more vulnerable to attract the predatory/ vampiric energies. The basic premise of boundaries and self love is the simple answer, but actually quite challenging to get through (mind/body/spirit)

So it is a yes and no answer. Pretty much like all the answers to life. It is an individual journey and if your more aware of the mechanics of universal principals then as you move through the lessons. You will actually purposely put yourself in those situations to level up on a soul development level.

There are so many different personalities, culture's, and colourful characters out there. I love the diversity and ability to learn from others stories.

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