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Where I usually hang out online & Strange walk about day .

I had to laugh at myself tonight..I am a grandma that's starting to show for real now lol . I have stayed away from social media for the most part until recently . That's when I realized despite my personal wasn't going to go away :)

So I have been trying to be more diligent about posting to platforms.. the next one I'm going to tackle is you tube.. this one stresses me out the most !

There is alot to it .. I'm not going to worry too much though I guess. My main goal is to show some behind the scenes videos , how to make projects, the nature walk abouts ,and little random wierd things that happen .. like today !

I was by the river and out for a nature hike when I look under the bridge and a chair was burning.

I am used to quiet , country small towns . Suddenly I felt like I was in the flipping hood !!

Lmao Ugg well it was interesting to say the least.

Anyways my point here is ...I will be posting on my blog more , FB is where I feel I am more able to connect personally with people and I enjoy that the most . Next

project will be you tube ... Maybe ..we will see ..I'm pretty sure 😁

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