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About Me...


Hi! This is always the part that kind of stumps me when asked to give a little bio..Where do I start?.. I have always been naturally curious about ..everything. How things work the mechanics of our natural world, the universe, (microcosms  & macrocosm lens) the psychology of the human nature.  I love to constantly explore and try out new experiences. My motto has always  been, "try it once and see how it goes, I can't say if I like or dislike anything  unless I've experienced it. With a mix of "Carpe Diem". That has lead me down a lot of very interesting paths on this journey to say the least :)

I feel every experience is an opportunity to learn about ourselves and a chance to grow. Its not about right or wrong really. We are here as cosmic explorers and every challenging situation can been seen as a hardship or an adventure. I chose adventure through the hardship.

For the most part I've always been self taught. When I take on a new project I want to know everything about it. So I'm a deep diver. After decades of deep diving, I've come to a cumulative point of, now how do I put all this information together? 

Well this project is the start..

Where it will lead... I have no idea. That's the exciting and sometimes slightly terrifying part of being lead by your heart and intuition.

Just a quick background bio, but not including all the microcatagories of studies, hobbies.

First and foremost I'm a mother of 3 girls and grandmother of twins (boy & girl)

I absolutely love doing photography and spending time in nature and working with domestic animals and wildlife. 

I've lived all over Canada and grew up very remotely for the first part of my life. I feel very connected to mother nature, the land and animals.

I was a cosmetologist for 20 yrs, created my own natural skin care lines, worked with aromatherapy, herbs, healthy simple cooking, gardening and I enjoyed the art of tending to a home. I started studying belly dancing years ago as a way of self care as a busy mom running a home, business and living with cfs and fibromyagia. Best decision I made . I can  have periods of flairs so debilitating I am bedridden for days. Dance helped me move my body and lift my spirits.  I'm no stranger to the dark murky hellscape world of chronic pain,illness, exhaustion and also how to pull my self out of it over and over again. 


In my early 20's I came to terms with my gift of mediumship  and other abilities to my surprise. In a way the universe pushed me into developing them.  Ironically it took my left brain quite a while to accept the spiritual world.  I did resist what I didn't find logical, and due to a very extreme religious upbringing. I had to reprogram the way I saw the world. My intuitive side ended  up kicking my logical sides butt into submission and acceptance :) That's a whole other story

 I ended up started my extremely deep dive of the esoteric and spiritual world. For many years I was a professional psychic medium reader. Using different divination tools like, automatic writing,  tea leaves & tarot to name a few.  I was also a practicing exorcist. First woman  initiated  into an ancient lineage of Taoist grand masters.


I've used art as a way of channeling my energy and helping me get through some very heavy times of my life and found it was a very therapeutic medium. I also discovered my art is also channeled messages, when I was looking back over the pieces I have created. I noticed interesting patterns and story lines that were mulitdimentional premonitions.

I love to journal and write as well. I have a few book outlines that I'm just waiting for the right moment and time to launch. A lot ( well most)  of my work is channeled messages. 

I feel everything we do is a channeling of our higher self/ Source energies anyways. We just have to be still and listen. 

-As the old saying goes.. the master has just failed more times than the student.

I am wanting to connect to community of awesome souls that share that same thirst for understanding and inner-standing of themselves and their world. But also keeping things grounded in practical every day practices. 

To live a happier, healthier and more abundant life :)

Much love & blessings


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