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Reflection- How Far We Have Come !

I saw a FB memory pop up and couldn't believe it's almost a decade already! Time slips away so quickly. When I look back to 10 years ago and then go back even further another decade plus, when I started doing little classes,readings  and talking to people about spirituality. It was so fringe and most people just looked at like you were cray cray .

Now flash forward there is not just  handfuls but millions of people awakening around the world . Questioning, searching and digging a little deeper into the meaning of life, our ancient history, the pyramid of corruption that has trickled down and repressed humanity for a long time .

The hidden knowledge, is now no longer hidden.

More and more people are breaking free from the matrix mind linear thinking all the time. And opening themselves up to new ideas & concepts.

This is the time of the great shift that was predicted . Every tribe and ancient culture around the world has stories, writings and oral teachings that have been passed down for generations.

Of this time that we are currently living through right now .

I had to sit and reflect on it for a moment the monumental & profound shifts that have happened.  What a wild, intense rollercoaster of a ride ! But what a time be back on earth to be part of the great awakening and on the frontlines of the greatest shift in conciousness that humanity has experienced.

It's now not  just a few awakened souls on the planet bringing new ideas and teachings to a primitive world.

There are many ascended beings that came back to aid in  changing the course of history. Like  the grandmasters of the past in the Taoist, Buddhist traditions who brought  teachings of love, healing, harmony,  compassion & discipline.

Through many sacred paths.

To name a few more well known ones ; Jesus, Mohamad, Mary, Joan of Arc and other great visionaries that trail blazed and changed the course of history. Contemporary scholars like Allen Watt's, Abraham Hicks, Delores Canon  for example all speak the same core language.

But each messenger has a unique expressive language, culture, time in history and path they took  to achieve the same goals.

To awaken humanity from the collective slumber and to awaken us to our true nature of who/ what we really are. 

What we are capable of being, doing and co creating . 

How to live a more peaceful, abundance and joyful life. These are the messages that were only trickled into the collective.

Through messengers and thier disciples. (That word has been misused by cultish practices) 

The pure meaning is ones that were triggered to thier awakening by a master and then in turn went out and created a ripple effect of raising awareness.

By living a life that was different and showing others how to do it .

For the first time we are doing this with the help of technology, we can reach a massive collective consciousness. 

To make some very powerful changes for the future generations. What a powerful and incredible time to be alive ! 🌟✨🤍

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