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Seeds of Life

Updated: Apr 10

✨I will never get tired of watching dandelion seeds floating in the wind.

Everywhere I look in nature I see how she has so many lessons to teach.

Her offerings to us of medicine to heal every dis-ease, give us shelter , bring us comfort and joy.

She shares with us the ancient stories of our past, etched into stone that have long been forgotten.

How she perseveres and has a way of preserving life in the most simple, delicate and yet incredibly complex ways.

When you see a dandelion what do you see ?

A yellow flower, possibly just another weed?

Yet when you look closer and observe, it's quite fascinating.

It's not just merely a dandelion, there is powerful medicine, pigment, food, and bits of sunshine in a field.

The delicate seeds are carried by the wind for miles, in her wild instinct to survive. Roots so deep it would make a nun cuss trying to pull them out .

Mother nature is truly a contradiction of herself in some ways .

How can she be so strong and so gentle?

Wild, yet controlled, bring death and destruction. But at the same time fertile and birth new life.

She fully represents the earthly wild feminine energies, that we posses inside all of us.

For she is a natural force that cannot be tamed , dominated or controlled by anyone but herself .

She demands for us to understand her natural rhythms, respect and care for her . Tend to her wild garden and in return will give us life.

Without her we would not exist.

This was the truly humbling message from Gia I received, when I sat and contemplated this simple dandelion seed...

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