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Experimenting with Seaweed ! Finally a couple successful attempts

I absolutely love walking on the ocean shore after a storm. The colours, textures of the seaweed & driftwood looks like mother nature putting on an art show.

I have been been trying to figure out ways to sculpt with it .

After quite a few failed attempts. I put my seaweed in the freezer and figured i would come back to that idea again .

Many months later .....

I came across a girl's thesus video on bio plastics and that sparked a whole train of thoughts and experiments :)

Seaweed is such an amazing resource, from nutrients to potentially being instrumental is eliminating micro plastics!

I just finished off a few experiements with combining other natural materials to stabilize the final product.

As well as ways of adding natural dyes.

I used beet root powder, spirulina, and red cabbage juice . Of course the colours are alot more muted when cured .

But it did give some beautiful depth of colours to the seaweed . (Will post final results )

This takes days to dry ... so I will try to be patient and work on my next project with upcycled paper and leaves !

🍃My goal is to try to upcycle what I am not able to gather right from mother earth for all my pieces.

🍃If it comes from the earth it will return back to her. This will help leave as small of an imprint as possible on this planet . 🍃

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