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Lots on the go !

I have been experimenting with natural glues recipies, tweeking my clays ,out in the forest collecting materials & weaving.

Unless you are an artist or builder/ creator of sorts . It's hard to understand how much work goes into a project from behind the scenes.

It make look simple but the process was far from it .

Since I'm trying to use as much naturally sourced or upcycled material's as possible.

It is definitely more time consuming than purchasing a commercial product.

But I have to say the journey of going out collecting and when I do finally nail a recipe/'s the best thing ever !

As I finish up my ceremonial, blessings and memorial bowls I will be uploading soon to my portfolio.

In between, I am working on a branch weaving project.

Now that I'm getting into the grove of it , I find it very relaxing and meditative.

Sneek peek of a tiny bit of the pile of works in progress 🤗🙏💖

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