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Updated: 2 days ago

I came across this post today after nervously launching the beta test of my new website today. I used the tagline "create the life you want to live ". Because that is exactly where this part of my journey has landed me .

This journey to totally shift gears and revamp my entire life path, has been brutally intense and enlightening at the same time.

These crossroads come to us usually after major life changes. The loss of loved ones, children leaving home, moving, relationships ending, loss of a home ,job or health are just a few examples.

I was blessed to have experienced all of these journeys,multiple times and in layers . You might read that and think it's sarcasm. But after doing a lot of shadow work, and being in hermit mode digging deep and doing some deep healing . I can honestly say ,I am grateful for the pain and suffering, mind ,body & spirit .

I know my soul chose this immensely challenging path for a reason.

I had my first profound spiritual experience with creator and the light being realms(some might say it was angelic ) at 7 yrs old . ( I will share this full story at another time )

I was coming in for the day after riding my horse and suddenly

the entire sky and everything around me lit up pure white light with a blue tint to it . I felt this collective of light beings . It sounded like they all spoke in one voice . Yet I knew there was male and female energies. They showed me my life path and I remember sobbing saying no , this can't be true . My child's mind raced, I scoured every time line and every possibility for a way out of what I saw was to come for my life.

This light being collective all tried to assure and console a sobbing child that it would be ok and I would do just fine . Things would turn around later.

And that they would be with me every step of the way . I understood and accepted with a heavy heart, what felt like my mission here.

They filled me with so much love , unlike anything I ever experienced on the earth realm . I felt utter bliss, peace and joy as they showered me in hug from the universe of pure love and light as they departed.

They said they had to "go" but they would leave this light with me to carry it and it would get me through the darkness.

Then as the vision and the feeling of them started to fade so did my memories of what was to come .

I clawed at the memories to try and hold onto clues for my future self. To not forget and maybe I could dodge some bullets .

Fate has another plans though. We can't change the mind of fate. The universe will only submit to fate and destiny. For there is a much bigger picture to keeping cosmic order.

Flash forward many years later, I now understand why I was so scared and sad at what was to come .

Yet I now understand why .

Therefore, I am now truly grateful for the gift of going through the darkness of pain and grief to grow my inner love/light that was always there. The remembering journey as a soul being and living many lives was a profound realization.

These experiences were my greatest teachers. I would not have truly understood these lessons deep into the core of my soul had I not experienced everything I have .

The darkness taught me so much more love and compassion towards all soul beings who are scared ,in pain and feeling lost in life. This has helped me become a better healer for myself & others.

It also taught me to make friends with it and be at peace with the demon's .

Forgiveness of myself and others .

I understand that on a very deep soul level.

I sat and pondered for many years the meaning of our existence. What is my purpose and always feeling like I needed to reach for more . Something was missing there was this constant restlessness . That nothing could ever quite fill that void.

I just couldn't quite pinpoint what "it" was that felt like I was searching for . The missing piece of the puzzle.

After deep diving, dissecting and trying to understand the esoteric spiritual,mental and physical side of this life .

I finally came to the simplest conclusion.

Of course the answers are always simple. The Creator/ universe/our higher self would never purposely try to trap or trick us on the life test.

I realized that the true meaning and purpose was to just simply live .... Create, explore and learn the art of life and truly living in the moment.

Let go of self and imposed judgment of ourselves or others (stay in your own lane)

Do what brings joy- that is your career or hobbies

Connect to loved ones regularly

Take time for who and what we love

Laugh,play and create the life we want to live

Live in gratitude for the simple things

Follow the golden rules

Take accountability for our actions

Self love and care is extremely important

Daily meditation, physical and spiritual practices incorporate into our routine

This is the foundation to life, truly living

This is the path to inner peace and finding personal freedom.

To create the life we want to live

Thank-you for being here and I'm so excited to start this new chapter and journey in my life. And to share it with some beautiful souls along the way !


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