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3 B's- Mindful, Gentle & Kindness

Updated: Apr 10

When I was in Merritt this weekend. I came across a purple thistle brush . And as I got closer the brush was alive, filled with a symphony of bees. I just took a moment to listen. It struck me how powerful,healing and uplifting it felt to hear that many bees all working together in harmony. It was so moving !✨

It's not the wings of the bee that actually fly. It's a frequency that they emit . They technically levitate through acoustic vibrations.

Sounds, frequency and vibrations have the ability to heal and also distort.

🐝 mindful of what /who you listen to. (music,(lyrics tone ) radio, news ect. everything is energy...

How does it make you feel is

the first question to always ask ? Anxious,pulled out of your centered space,rushed,heavy, that's unhealthy frequencies. (Imho I feel that slightly overrides having some unhealthy food choices here and there or some bad habits ) but that's just my feelings. But we need mind,body and spirit balance .

And will fall out of balance with one or the other .. that's actually part of the natural order of things anyways.

I suppose this is why so many of the masters always held onto a "bad habit" as Allen Watts has mentioned in his musings . To keep them tethered to the physical reality.

Spiritual development foundations are the most important teachings to learn. Just like in any discipline, martial arts or dance have great examples of always returning to your foundation work.

I know for myself I am constantly learning /relearning and reinforcing my foundation skills on a daily basis.

Spiritual development takes a lot of focus, dedication,time & energy.

🐝 gentle and kind with yourself. We are only here to master ourselves nothing more,nothing less.

There is no such thing as perfection. Only wild beauty in being perfectly imperfect.🍃🌱🌸

Living in the false world filling our minds with illusions of perfection. I feel leaves us feeling sad, disappointed and ultimately depressed and lonely.

The simple things in life sometimes are the most beautiful and special. 🌸

Mother nature has everything we need and then some . I'm always so amazed the more I learn about plant medicine ,how the natural world works,the way animals have such an amazing harmonious network of coexistence on this beautiful planet.

We are so blessed to coexist with this incredible natural world 🌍🌱🍃

Caring for mother earth is so important, so that we may leave it better for our children and future generations.

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