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Beautiful eagle feather I found while collecting some art supplies, courtesy of mother nature. 🍃

Updated: Jan 1

Beautiful eagle feather I found while collecting some art supplies, courtesy of mother nature.🍃 lots of mixing , experimenting with making natural pigments from kelp ,leaves coffee,clays ect .. alot of thought/time with  just trying out different techniques working with natural materials.

 I know it's way easier to just go buy the supplies.  But I really want to try and move even further away from consuming. Removing unnecessary things from my life, bit by bit as I'm able to . What I can't grow, make or gather myself.  Also the walk abouts are half the fun :)

 It is so  amazing to  me how many things we can create with and use  medicinally that we have just outside our back door.

My brain hurts from the amount of studying and researching I've been doing. Lol

I have chosen kelp and coffee  as a creative medium to  study . Sounds strange but they actually compliment each other in a strange way.  You will see ;) lol

I also chose kelp because it is super challenging, yet a very biodiverse  material to work with .

It has so many possibilities and could contribute heavily to getting rid of the need for plastics ! Plastic is just the worst . I think I would rather burn  fuel than all the gross  useless cheap plastic everything.. 

 So I'm team kelp / natural /upcycled materials:)

 It absolutely fascinates me how many textiles,bioplastics,(they are made from biological waste or gathered plants )

Amazing building materials to being a super superfood supplements. That actually work with the natural environment,cleaner more efficient and decompose to healthy soil quickly.

I want to leave a cleaner and more efficient world for my kids and grandkids . I might be only 1 drop in the world bucket ...but every drop counts and that drop of water causes ripples  🍃

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