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Bitter Sweet Story of This Mamma Bear

Mama Bear having some plumbs with the last pic I got of her 2 cubs together in the background.

I had a memory of what happened to this mama bear and her cubs.

This was a few falls ago I took this picture.There were 2 cubs as you can kind of make out in background .

I have quite the sad but very bittersweet, at the same time story. I was following the twins since they were born.

One sadly passed away(got hit by a car ). I got a call from a friend who was driving the dark back roads that evening about a bear being hit .

I dropped everything and went to see if conservation would make it in time. I arrived tried to keep my energy as calm as possible to not add to more trauma for the little one. Well a baby bear is still the size of a full grown larger size dog. I could sense that it wasn't going to make it by the breathing. I wanted to stay with the little one until the end . Patting it and talking to him , calming him down as he made the journey as peaceful as possible to the afterlife.

Then flash forward.. I could sense the spirit followed me for a while. One evening I looked over and I saw a bear sitting with me at the dinner table to my surprise. Then realized it was the spirit of the little one that passed away only a couple days earlier. He was glowing and I could feel happy yet a little confused . The spirit of the bear attached to me and I just said, go find your mamma now.

A little while later, I was blessed with an opportunity to sit with mamma bear let her know her baby was ok. This is a pretty special picture and memory actually. It was very bittersweet and I still get tears thinking about it. Yet being part of something so special, to me was an honour.

We tend to have a fear of death in our culture. This reminded me the beauty of it as well. We are only here a short time. How important it is to live each day in the present, and treat it like the gift that it is.

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