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Co- Creators in a Changing World

Updated: Apr 10

We must be mindful that how powerful of co creator's we are . When we focus on what a hundred or so psychopaths and their minions are doing we are allowing that into our world and minds.

✨Do not give up your power or sovereign rights out of fear ! Do not consent to that lower consciousness. From yourself or anything/one else .

Change must and will happen . That can be scarry, I get it . But you're in charge of your purpose and destiny. 💓

✨Stay awake, aware as a means of navigating through the maze of darkness.

The lower realms of subconsciousness.

(Shadow work )

This is a labyrinth of illusions set up by yourself (yup you 😉 ) before we incarnated back onto this beautiful planet.

As a means of soul growth and personal evolution.

We are all leveling up and breaking generational trauma and healing .

(Well the ones that choose to .)

If they don't that's ok too. They will just have to do it all over again. And that's ok too . We all learn at different paces and are at different levels of awareness.

✨That is truly unconditional love, compassion and acceptance of yourself and others. To allow people to make their mistakes and not judge.

That's their path and that's perfect as it should be for them ❤️

Focus inwards (meditations ,prayers, alone time with yourself, gratitude, grounding and healing in nature, blessing your water ) By shifting your focus on the inner healing and raising of your own consciousness.

You will literally change your reality for the better . To a higher timeline of a more healed version of yourself.

✨That's where the real magic is

Lucifer/the devil whatever you want to call the negative polarity, has a job to do ☯️ I respect the natural order .

There is dark and light that is how it is . But we need to be responsible for our own healing, actions,thoughts and behaviors.

Can't blame the devil for what we do . "He" has a job to do ..

Humanity has been through enough generational trauma .That has been passed down through our ancestral bloodlines and soul lineage. We have to be the courageous ones to say no, and stop the perpetuating of toxic behavioral patterns within ourselves first and foremost. Before we can help "change the world" It starts with you.

Then your higher vibing energy will spread . A reverse infection its now infusing healing energy into the collective

There are still many that are taking the bait of fear,lies,lack of self worth, jealousy, anger, victim mentality, competition and separation from source energy that is only love.

Coming from your own inner truth , personal power, authenticity and listening to the inner guidance of your heart center. Is what will bring balance, abundance,joy peace & happiness into your world .

✨ Focus on yourself,your loved ones and the community of people who love and accept you. And who are willing and ready to walk the path . You can't force them to wake up . That is a violation of free will. You can only be an example of love and light and show the way .

✨ Be peaceful Warriors and not afraid of standing alone if need be . Take the time to heal . Give yourself permission to just be and you don't need to explain or justify to yourself or anyone else..

That's between you and the Divine.

✨ Mother earth is sending warnings to humanity to clean up their act.

Release the fear there is a Divine plan at place. something much bigger and more beautiful & amazing than you can imagine happening at this time


I don't see the whole puzzle picture.

Just the pieces and what I do see is one timeline is standing at a crossroads of total destruction.

Or a new way of living in peace and harmony. Within ourselves and with the earth. Respecting all the natural elements, all sentient beings . Use our resources wisely, responsibly with care and integrity.

Even Crystals like water are a sentient being and have memory.There was a time the ancients understood this delicate and beautiful balance.

The world was a harmonious place to be and it will be again .

It's our choice as a collective of where we choose to put our time, energy and focus .

What do you want to create? What brings you happiness? Where does your heart pull you ?

Reflections are the best kinds of questions.

✨Free will. It's up to all of us to work together. The time is now

✨Clear the old stuck ways of thinking,being and doing ,raise your frequency and vibrations.

Don't rush, take your time to think it through. Then take action.

✨You will always be supported with exactly what you need on your path of purpose when you face your fears of the unknown and take that leap of faith.

There is a better way for all of us that choose to walk this path of enlightenment 🌟🙏🌀🌊

As above so below As within so without

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