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Lessons From the Salmon

I was out for a walk about today in the woods.

It's is such a beautiful time of year, the twilight between summer and fall. 🍂🍁

I came to the top of the ridgline I heard below me the sound of what I thought was boulders being smashed into the river.

I made my way to the edge I saw huge salmon jumping. I was amazed and in awe of the power and force they had .

As they willingly smashed their bodies onto the hard water.

I sat at the shore line and watched them for a while. Their fins sticking out of the water reminded me of leaves and branches as they camouflaged themselves so beautifully in nature.

It made me reflect on the life of a salmon. It offers great sacrifice for it's cycle.

The strength, power, tenacity and endurance of the salmons journey is nothing short of miraculous.

The lesson I took from the salmon today was life can be hard. Sometimes we have to fight for our lives (or so it can feel some days ) against the current to get to our destination.

So new life/ beginnings can be birthed.

But those salmon never gave up ,never thought they couldn't do it . They just knew that's what had to be done . They were living with absolute purpose in the natural order.

I am always in awe and inspired when I watch nature and I learn so many lessons

Today I was having a challenging day physically and spiritually.

Then I sat with the salmon and they reminded me that we sometimes have to sacrifice parts of ourselves that no longer serve our highest good anymore in order to make big changes.

I reflected on what my offerings were/have been and I am even more grateful for the challenges and hard times .

Because pain and sometimes having to make hard choices for long term health and well being (mind,body spirit ) is worth the birth of something new .

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