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Pearls of Wisdom

Updated: Apr 10

My grandmother would give me this little pearl of wisdom all the time. This little gem stuck with me my whole life and helped me stay true to myself despite the projections of others . She knew I was a sensitive child

who took alot to heart and she would just calmly tell me, "consider the source. " When I would feel deeply hurt, put down/let down,an outcast, because I didn't understand why people couldn't just love each other unconditionally. It was so very confusing. (All starseeds understand this story,I feel ) I could see the beauty in everyone and everything even the dark and what others might consider "ugly". I still saw shimmers of beauty. I would sit and reflect on who was saying it and did their opinions come from a loving place or a place of projecting their unhealed versions of themselves onto me. It wasn't until much, much later in life that these 3 wise words really stuck with me and helped so much on my healing journey. Thank-you grandma. I always take comfort in knowing she's with me on the other side. Helping in her own little ways.

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