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Returning To Innocence

Updated: 2 days ago

Why do people always think you have to be doing something to be a productive member of society? A job title puts you in a box that now you have to uphold those standards or you are a "failure". Have your own moral code and standards and live by that. Live with integrity and honor .

Your "career " / chosen path is your purpose...and that should be what brings you Joy and then it's no longer a job it's a passion.

Behaving a certain way to comply to societies "standards"having more "followers"🙄 looking behaving a certain way, to fit the mold. Who' made the rules up anyway??

Isn't being ..a human -being enough?

We are healing and breaking the old ways of thinking and doing..

Its time to break the chains of self imprisonment and indoctrination and be free thinkers /feelers and doers

of our own lives and destiny.

That will in turn benefit ourselves, family, community and so on ..

Explore the world through the eyes of a child . Reclaim that lost innocence. There are so many mysteries and so much wonder to explore and see .

If you view it not with the mind but with the heart of a child ❤️

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