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Triggers, Anxiety & Grief

This eclipse season always seems to be really intense for alot of people. We are moving through some really heavy energies right now. And I've noticed alot of triggering happening personally and in the collective. What are triggers? They are whenever we feel intense emotions rising up due to a situation or what someone did or said. That stirs intense emotions such us anger ,sadness or extremely uncomfortable feelings. I found the best way to deal with it is to allow those painful emotions to just rise to the surface . Don't suppress, numb,ignore or push down Today I found myself extremely upset at a personal situation that I can't fix or do anything about as it's not in my hands . When that happens it leaves us feeling vulnerable and frustrated due to the lack of control . I could have yelled at a tree , a wall... any inmate object would do at the moment. (I might have..just saying ) What I have learned through my healing and awakening process was to sit with it. And allow it to flow through my body. If I needed to sit and cry I would . Yell in the forest , get a punching bag, whatever. If I needed to go out and walk or ride my motorcycle until i felt the release, I would . Doing art,crafts or pulling out a journal to get it all out, were other helpful way to release those stuck emotions .

I don't hold back anymore and try and hold those feelings back . So it makes me a "passionate" person sometimes lol still learning.. never ends But that toxic energy being pushed down and not released is way worse on your mental and physical health. When we are at dis -ease, that is when disease starts within the body. Everything starts on the emotional /energetic level first. Then builds from there. When we are triggered, allow the emotions to happen for as long as you need until your nervous system feels calmer. There are times when you may be experiencing intense grief, dark night of the soul or deep shadow work, that you're afraid to open the flood gates . Because your not sure if it will even stop or will be too painful to face. I can assure you as someone who has had multiple trips with them, it will . I have even timed it . It's about 30 min where it's super intense then starts to ease up after that. If you don't fight it and try and push the pain back down. Or you hyper fixate on the problem. You will get stuck in the loop. Then take some deep breaths . And come back to your body, focus on your feet ,legs, belly, hands, shoulders , neck ,face and work your way up to your head and reverse that. Bring your focus and energy back down . Try it both ways to see what works for you or possibly a combination. Keep focusing on your breathing deep into the belly in through the nose and exhale out the mouth , slow purposeful breaths . That is essentially grounding your energy and recentering yourself . (And getting O2 back to the brain to think straight;) You may want to put on relaxing music .Instrumental is better at this time so your just allow your thoughts to come and go . Let the feelings and thoughts just pass by like your observing them and no longer participating in the show. Getting triggered actually is a very important catalyst to our healing journey As annoying and emotionally upsetting as they may be at the time. It's so freeing and cleansing when we process it properly. You will feel lighter even. If we choose to see it from the perspective of this is an opportunity to do some deep shadow inner work, asking personal reflection questions, reflect on why it bothers you..when did you first experience this .ect then reflect how important is it to hold onto. Your putting things into perspective. This is where forgiveness comes in . This is a challenging one. You don't have to be ok with it , but allowing yourself the forgiveness and grace of being ok with letting the pain go . So you can be at peace and not tied to the past trauma any more. It no longer has the same hold on you and that pain doesn't control you and your emotional reactions any longer . The next time another situation or the same type of scenerio arises, we won't be as impacted by it because we took the time to do the healing work. Eventually over time we will have less and less triggers . And will find we are in a much happier more positive mindset and our lives start to shift in many ways as a result of dealing with our triggers. Better coping skills, communication and healthier relationships all around The lessons I've observed as far as intensity always seem to start like a bullseye working inwards. The furthest from the center is random daily interactions, then moves into community (co workers', friends ) the hardest ones to work on are the center . That's partners, family and close relationships. As they are usual our greatest teachers and toughest lessons. That is due to our deeper emotional attachments. So those can be the most challenging ones to work through. When your at the close relationships stage and have worked your way inwards . You are on your final stages of deep inner healing work. Healing isn't linear either. We will think we moved past a certain issue only to come back and revisit it again and again . That is life. Be gentle with yourself as it's always an on going process. Take your time, positive self talk and self care routines are critical to your success. Eliminate anything one that is toxic from your life and have healthy loving boundaries are critical keys to long term success for yourself and all relationships you form.

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