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Christmas ornaments with grandkids & traditions

Updated: Jan 1

I was making some Christmas ornaments with my grandkids today

and it really hit me .

How I am the last generation to pass on the old traditions.

After me they are lost in time ...

I was using a classic salt dough recipe that my grandmother and her grandmother used .

The kids had fun making their ornaments.

I could feel the smile from my grandmothers as they understood it was even more than that .

The children won't understand the significance until they are at an understanding and age to pass on the old ways .

It's about nourishing our roots through ceremony and tradition.

What ever that means to your family /culture .

Nourishing the roots of the tree of life is often forgotten in our society.

But if our roots die .. so does the tree...

That is the natural order of things ...🌼 Its so important to nourish our roots by honoring our ancestry, family traditions or cultures.

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