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Children teach us..

Updated: Apr 10

Ok so this is kind of personal... But I have to share because as a mother and just a human on this journey of self discovery, learning and healing, this made my heart burst with love, joy & gratitude.💖 I was talking to my daughter about how I realized that how much I have healed from PTSD , working on chronic debilitating illness, from a lot of trauma throughout my life.

And how it hit me a while ago (after yet another traumatic series of events) I have to heal not just for myself but for my children and grandchildren. 💕

7 generations before and 7 generations after is how I see it . In all space and time and in every dimension. .

It starts with me as the mother and grandmother ..

I knew if I wanted a better life for my children I needed to be the one to start the healing within the ancestral lineage .

Of course my wise (beyond their years ) daughter's always have the most amazing advice or messages...

This was her response after I told her how I finally had some quiet time to reflect and realized the level of pain and stored trauma I had been dealing with ...

"You could've asked me and i would've told you that right away lol but for real you've been through a lot of trauma and you've grown from it like a seed deep in the dark dirt into a beautiful flower that reaches the light you just needed water, which was inner healing🤍". 🌻

I mean seriously that right there ! When we are in the void, the darkness it feels so overwhelming and consuming and we wonder if we will ever see the light again !

But it isn't until we experience the dark, like a little seed, will we ever truly appreciate and be able to grow to our full potential in the light ✨🤍

My wise little gurus 🙏 love you so much and thank-you for being my teacher's !

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