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Coffee Kelp Clay -Nailed it !! Finally :)

Well I finally got my formula down ! I'm so excited about this project.

🦋Making soy blessing candles with essential oils , flowers and herbs. Don't worry the

coffee/ kelp clay bowls are non flammable..

I tried to light them on fire with a torch 🔥😁I will get a video shortly 😉

These are totally biodegradable and reusable!

Once you finish burning the candles you just pop into your oven 400f for a couple min- melt wax - swirl around -pour excess out and voila you now have a little bowl .

✨ I use mine for putting crystals or jewelry in.

✨ Or layer with moss and add a little air plant

✨ Also I write out what I'm grateful for on little pieces of paper and put it in the bowls. Then once a day pick one as a reminder of off the blessings I do have.

Will show the final pieces when they are done. Just waiting patiently ( or impatiently ) on my soy wax I ordered .

Stay tuned .. ✨🦋

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