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Living in the flow state ...what does that mean ?

This little video is brilliant the way it summarizes being in the flow state .

The laws of attraction and correspondance.

Being in the dance of life understanding that everything is just energy and when we are in aligned with the state of joy and harmony.

Everything flows to us easier .

Breaking out of the linear matrix jail of our fear based mindsets, allows us to find our own personal rythms.

We have been conditioned to be constantly distracted and thrown off our own internal course.

By comparing our accomplishments by how " busy" we are and soley on our material accomplishments .

Rather than by our own personal levels of productivity of what is right /balanced for our own unique needs . Making sure that we are also fulfilling all the needs, mind, body and spirit.

Is not an easy path/task to accomplish, but absolutely possible.

Link below 👇

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