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Natural Order

This might be unsettling for some people... if you don't agree move on please.. .that's ok this isn't for everyone. There is a deeper message to understand, than a life taken.

I want to share a little story about the old ways.

My daughter's boyfriend at the time came to the house proudly holding up this grouse from the days hunt .

He told me how he was learning to give an offering to mother earth and talk to her before he hunted and understanding the relationship of respect . Not just hunting for pleasure/sport or from a greedy energy.

To me that was a huge lesson and it was beautiful to hear.

The old ways have been slowly dying out, that of honour and respect. To hear a younger generation understanding the old ways made me smile 😊

He proudly presented me the offering of wings and tail feathers.

I absolutely loved and appreciated the intention behind what was gifted .

I took them and dried them out in a simple method with borax powder.

I have bones that I have found on my walks and will make a clearing fan with them .

To me this is an honour and gift to receive from man and mother nature.

Better than a bouquet of flowers imho.

Because of the ceremony and intention was a much more pure and powerful energy.

Than anything synthetic or mass produced.

This is our roots ... this is how we used to live ..

In harmony with our natural world.

Understanding there is a natural order, rythms and cycles.

I feel hunters and outdoors people have a much better appreciation and understanding of the natural world .

It's not about being a vegetarian or an omnivore.

That's a basic understanding, it's much deeper than that .

Mother earth gifts us everything we need, it's all about how we use her generous gifts. And how we treat her .

If done properly she will continue to bless us with everything we need.

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